Dual-Enrollment Classes Earn Students College Credit

Ascension Episcopal School
Did you know that a number of our recent graduates earned college credit prior to their high school graduation?  Some earned as much as 21 credit hours!
At Ascension’s Upper School, junior and senior students are invited to enroll in dual enrollment courses in Math, English, Biology, and Economics. The best part? They take these college-level courses during their regular schedule on our upper school campus. 
Dual enrollment courses provide Ascension students with the opportunity to earn college credits in smaller class sizes than what one would see on a college campus. Being able to work and learn in a familiar environment fosters creativity and growth all while progressing their college career before actually starting it. 
Ascension has offered dual enrollment courses for over 10 years and was the first school in the area to incorporate dual enrollment economics courses into our curriculum. Over 500 students have participated in these dual enrollment courses over those 10+ years.
Last week, our senior students who are completing dual enrollment courses were able to tour UL and get their student IDs. These IDs give students free entry into athletic events, use of the tutoring center and library, and access to Bourgeois Hall, UL's Rec Center.
From our gators to a swamp of them, we are grateful to share a city with the University of Louisiana.

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