2020-3-25 Ascension Technology Team Offers Inspiration to ULL Preservice Teachers

Dr. Douglas Williams, Director of CILAT and a professor of instructional technology in the College of Education, invited members of Ascension's technology team to speak to his preservice teachers about their success with distance learning.

Ascension launched distance learning exactly one week ago on March 18th, 2020. Morgan Vondenstein, Kristen Angelle, and Rachel Delcambre joined two of Dr. Williams' classes via Zoom to present the platforms, tools, and pedagogy used for distance learning at Ascension.  Mrs. Vondenstein explained distance learning at the preschool level as recorded videos from teachers, a website to house resources like chapel, and as much routine maintained as possible.  In grades 1-7, students utilize the 1:1 program with iPads, Google Meet, Seesaw, and Google Classroom to complete and turn in work.  Mrs. Angelle then discussed how 8-12 graders used 1:1 laptops, Google Meet, and Google Classroom to maintain a similar but shortened schedule. 

Dr. Williams students asked questions about enrichments, materials, and assessments in the chat window. Ascension's technology team elaborated on each of these topics to aid students in understanding the complete picture of distance learning.  Another subject of conversation was the growth observed in all of Ascension's faculty and staff.  Many reluctant educators were now embracing technology and utilizing it to connect and teach their students and collaborate with their peers.  The success of Ascension's distance learning is due to strong leadership and educational technology support being knowledgable and readily available for teachers and staff when they encountered difficulty.

Dr. Williams has partnered with Ascension's technology team for several years to provide his students with a real-world connection to a school successfully utilizing technology.  We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to connect, educate, and inspire new educators in our community.    

More about Dr. Williams:

Dr. Williams'
 teaching focuses on innovation and empowerment. He incorporates problem-based learning, design projects, and design thinking, an approach to creative problem-solving. He embeds rich media (e.g. video, animations) in his courses and connects research to practice.  Dr. Douglas Williams is Director of CILAT and a professor of instructional technology in the College of Education. He holds a bachelor's and a master's degree in computer science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He completed a doctoral degree in Instructional Technology at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Williams worked as a programmer for more than 10 years in the United States, Sweden, and Australia. 

You can reach Dr. Williams at

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