2020_12_8 Art Lesson Inspires Creativity in Quarantined Students

To recreate famous portraits using everyday objects found at home, students use their imagination, detective-like observation, and improvisation skills. These tableaus, sprinkled with a bit of technology, required students to concentrate on props, posing, and lighting.

“A museum that asked visitors to imitate a famous portrait inspired me. I thought it would be fun to get the children up and moving while at home,” said Danielle Bacque, Ascension Episcopal School art teacher.

Using photo editing software like Pic Collage and Sketches School, students added details to make their picture even more like the art they imitated. Danielle teaches students that art is more than pencils, painting, and paper, but requires visual thought, strategy, knowledge of space, ingenuity, and imagination.

Students then produced a presentation to teach a technique or skill used during the process to classmates. For a variety of categories, teachers will judge portraits and vote on the winners. Which is your favorite?

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