Anatomy and Physiology Students Tour Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

Ascension Episcopal School's human anatomy & physiology students toured Our Lady of Lourdes hospital today to learn about different career opportunities that exist in the medical field. The tour included visiting some of the specialty floors (ICU, oncology, burn unit) and talking with staff about their daily tasks. Students also viewed the OR suites and received their very own scrubs to wear while learning. Lastly, students participated in a panel discussion with hospital personnel from multiple departments (physical/occupational therapy, Human Resources, Pharmaceuticals, physician group administration). The students were able to ask questions and gain insight from these professionals on what their jobs entail and how they pursued their careers.

Emmie Gage comments, "I'm more excited than ever to pursue a career in medicine! I want to be a surgeon, but it was an eye-opening experience to see the various professions it takes to run a hospital."

This unique partnership with Our Lady of Lourdes offers students an opportunity to be curious and excited about learning in real-world environments. Thank you to each medical professional who shared their time and expertise with our students during this invaluable experience. And thank you, Byron Daigle, for organizing this event each year and inspiring students to explore a career in the medical field.

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