Anna Hicks Serves as a Delegate to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders

Anna Hicks, an Ascension Episcopal School 8th grader, is serving as Delegate to the Congress of Future Medical Leaders on March 20th and 21st, 2021.

Dr. Mario Capecchi, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine and the Science Director of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists, signed Anna's nomination to represent Ascension Episcopal School based on her academic achievement, leadership potential, and determination to serve humanity in the field of medicine.

“Anna started to take an interest in the medical field when her 6th-grade science lab at Ascension was doing dissections. Most kids were pulling away from the table, but Anna was diving in! She found it to be very interesting to see what is beneath the surface that makes everything work!” says Anna’s mother, Frances Hicks. Beyond the science involved, the work is intriguing to Anna because she wants to help people feel better about themselves.

During the two-day Congress, Anna Hicks will join students from across the country to hear Nobel Laureates and National Medal of Science winners talk about leading medical research, gain advice from Ivy League and top medical school deans for medical school, hear patient stories who are living medical miracles, be inspired by fellow teen medical science prodigies, and learn about cutting-edge advances in medicine and medical technology. Anna comments, “I’m really looking forward to the live-streamed surgery and being able to communicate with the doctors. I’m also really excited to hear from Mario Capecchi, Ph.D. and also Gitanjali Rao who designed a device that links with an app on your phone that can detect lead in drinking water!”

Finally, Anna is looking forward to sharing her new knowledge and inspiring stories with classmates and faculty at Ascension!

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