Ascension students appear on National Geographic Education Live

​Seventh grade Blue Gators appeared on National Geographic Education Live during a session on Protecting Sharks! Click below to read more!

When asked about the digital event, seventh-grade math teacher Lauren Daly explained, "I have been working on a cross-curricular unit on oceanography this semester. We left the classroom due to “Stay at Home” orders exactly when I was planning to incorporate research on this topic and prepare for the class for the event as if we were one of the 6 chosen. Then one of my dreams as a teacher came true. We were chosen, and I refused to let our current situation keep this from happening. I am so proud of how the students responded and learned first hand how research data, statistics, and probability plays a huge role in our lives!"

Utilizing Google Meet, Ascension students’ faces were displayed on the screen "inception style” during the live, one-hour session with the National Geographic Explorer Classroom event with Andrej Gajic. Students were able to log on as a class, listen to Gajic’s lesson and were able to ask questions when appropriate. One 7th grade student, Annie asked, “Since sharks are at the top of the food chain, are they at the greatest risk from all of the pollution in the ocean because of biomagnification?" Gajic confirmed to her that apex predators, as well as plants and animals at the lowest end of the food chain, are at the greatest risk of pollution.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this live interaction with National Geographic and appreciated the work their teacher did to apply for the show. They were most impressed with the number of students from other countries on the call with them. It was an experience that many of them will remember for a long time.

To view this archived episode, Protecting Sharks, click here:

National Geographic is airing live broadcasts of Explorer Classroom every weekday at 1pm CDT as a commitment to support educators, students and families during this transition time of distance learning. Explorer Classroom’s live video events connect students with National Geographic Explorers across all seven continents to bring exploration to life. All Explorer Classroom events are free and open to the public.

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