COVID Restrictions Fuel Creativity

This year, students have faced many challenges due to Covid guidelines and have been required to go about “normal” activities in the most abnormal ways.

This is certainly true when it comes to theatre, where COVID guidelines have made it challenging to perform even the simplest activity. However, as is the case with most adversity, the COVID restrictions have also pushed Ascension students and faculty to become more creative.

With many students participating in school virtually from home (HyFlex) due to quarantine, Ascension theatre students found innovative theatre games to allow everyone to participate. One such game, called Sounds Off, begins with two virtual HyFlex students (with their mics muted) acting out a scene. At the same time, two “live” students in class (with their mics on) supply the voices for the two HyFlex students. What ensues is pure hilarity, but it is also quite educational.

“I loved this game because it was really fun acting out a scene without saying anything, and it was interesting to let my partner have complete control over the scene.”

- Madeleine S.

On both sides of the screen, students had to learn to work as a team, listen carefully, make bold and quick decisions, and remain highly flexible.

Chloe St. Marie and Madeleine Sorrell

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