Empowered Student Leaders Continue to Make a Positive Impact in 2020

Imagine being a 7th grader and called into the principal’s office, only you aren’t in trouble. You are about to propose your idea for a campus-wide Christmas gift shop and candy gram event spanning seven grade levels during a global pandemic. This is just what two Ascension students did this school year.

The leaders were cool and collected as this was not the first time they proposed an idea to the Ascension Downtown Campus Director. Ethan Courville, Student Council President, and Allie Chng, Student Council Vice-President, met with Mrs. Tremblay for permission to put their proposals into motion. After working through specifics such as initial expense, revenue, volunteers, scheduling, advertisement, and safety, the Student Council leaders were confident their team could create a successful gift shop and candy gram event despite COVID restrictions.

With the hard work of many, both initiatives were a huge success and safely brought joy to many during the Christmas season. “The candygram sale would not have been possible without Mrs. Gros, advisors/home-room teachers, support from administration, or any of the other Student Council members, and for that, I am forever grateful,” Ethan comments. Allie says, “Just seeing something that we have put so much effort in to come to life is really incredible. This is the first big thing I’ve accomplished in Student Council and it really means a lot to me.”

Both Ethan and Allie attribute their success to the educator who empowered them. “I am very pleased to be serving on the same Student Council as my friends and with a great leader like Mrs. Gros,” says Ethan. “I am very thankful that Mrs. Gros was able to help me make this dream come true!” comments Allie.

In spite of COVID constraints, student leadership on the Ascension Downtown Campus is flourishing, giving students the confidence and encouragement to grow and learn.

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