Student-Created News Report Aired in Belgium

Ascension media teacher, Heather Gros, was contacted by a representative of the US Embassy in Belgium.

The representative tasked her media students with the important job of creating a news report about the impending impacts of Hurricane Sally and the devastating effects of Hurricane Laura on South Louisiana for a Flemish youth news program.

Click HERE to view this special news report!

Transcript of Report:
Good Morning,
My name is Lily Sheets reporting live from Lafayette, Louisiana. We are currently monitoring Hurricane Sally, and we seem to be experiencing the calm before the storm. Thankfully we are expecting to be spared from the storm this time as it has taken an Eastern turn.

Although we are relieved, we are continuing to pray for our neighbors during this extremely active hurricane season. We recently braced ourselves for hurricane Laura, which came through as a category 4 storm. We stocked refrigerators, gas generators, boarded windows, filled sandbags, and tied down trampolines.

Although our community faired well, not all parishes in Louisiana were as lucky last week. Our school held a food and supply drive for our Lake Charles neighbors in need. We will continue to assist schools in Cameron Parish by supplying cleaning supplies like bleach, mops, shovels, rakes, gloves, disinfectant, mold killer, and more.

Here in Louisiana, high winds and water can’t damage our community spirit.

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