Rising 6th Grade


  • Schooled by Gordon Korman
  • 2 free choice novels


  • The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder


  • Choose TWO articles from the lists below. To find an article, go to the article’s website, and put the name of the article in the search bar. Hit “return” or “enter” and you can see the article when you scroll down. After you read each article, CIRCLE the name of the article on this page. (You should read and circle a total of TWO articles.) Write some notes for yourself to be prepared to write a summary of each article when you return to school in August.

    Science News for Students
    1. How to find the next pandemic before it finds us
    2. Explainer: Correlation, causation, coincidence, and more
    3. Here’s one way to harvest water right out of the air
    4. Psychology: Art can make science easier to remember.
    5. Scientists Say: Faraday cage
    6. Strange lake belches flammable gas in the high Arctic
    7. Cool Jobs: The art of paper folding is inspiring science

    Dogo News
    1. Boston Dynamics' Robot "Dog" Joins The Fight Against COVID-19 (REALLY COOL!)
    2. The First-Ever Image of a Black Hole Is Stunning
    3. Nasa’s New Horizon Rings in 2019 with the Most Distant Flyby in History
    4. Carbios's Plastic-Eating Enzyme May Help Alleviate the World's Pollution Problem
    5. These Amazing “Robotic Skins” Can Bring Your Toys to Life

    6th Grade Summer Assignments PDF

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