As a four time award-winning Apple Distinguished School, it is our mission to establish an innovative, collaborative learning environment which fosters empowered lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and critical thinkers. As adaptable technology-users, it is our goal for students and teachers to responsibly communicate and contribute their God-given talents globally.

Through our 1:1 initiative, students in grades Pre-K3 through 12th have access to iPads or Apple laptops. Pre-K and Kindergarten students have a small set of classroom iPads used in learning centers, while students in 1st and 2nd grade are issued their own device which stays in the classroom. Students in grades 3-7 are equipped with an iPad to use both in the classroom and at home.In addition to iPads, middle school students and teachers have access to laptop carts for use within their classes. Beginning in 8th grade, students bring their own Mac laptop or lease a laptop from the school as well as have the ability to checkout iPads to use in the classroom.
Click HERE to see a copy of our Apple Distinguished School iBook published in the Fall of 2019 to learn more about our current technology strategy and implementation. 
Innovation in Teaching
Innovative teaching practices are an integral part of developing personalized learning experiences for students. Using a variety of technology, teachers have accommodate different learning styles via teacher-created iBooks, flipped lessons, choice-based assessments, hands-on experiments, real-world problem solving, and more. Continued professional learning opportunities for faculty and staff allow for the exploration and implementation of new technology tools, improvement of curriculum design, and reflection.

Innovation in Learning
As creators and constructors of their own knowledge, students show creativity as they utilize a variety of digital media to demonstrate their understanding. They collaborate seamlessly using web-based tools, think critically to solve real world problems, and communicate with peers, parents, and community via student newscasts, live streams, and digital portfolios. Students are taught and given opportunities to be good digital citizens and safe, responsible users of technology in our school community and globally. As technology advances, it is our goal to stay current while teaching students how to become adaptable users of technology with the goal of maximizing learning.

Innovation in Environment
Across all three campuses, students are provided with a learning environment that works best for their educational needs. Rolling desks, whiteboard tables, student-centered workstations, and classrooms equipped with interactive TVs are just a few examples of our innovative learning spaces. Innovation labs, built to enhance curriculum, can be found across all three campuses and are equipped with technology and learning tools appropriate for the age of the students. With a balanced approach to technology, students experience hands-on, authentic learning experiences in collaborative, learner-centered spaces.

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