Ascension is pleased to announce that we have been selected as an Apple Distinguished Technology School.

In January 2012, the Parent Teacher Organization at Ascension Episcopal School allocated proceeds from the 2011 Auction to provide iPads for the entire faculty in anticipation of the student iPad initiative. An annual technology fee provides iPads to students in the 3rd-12th grades on a 1:1 basis and allows Ascension to upgrade and replace desktop computer labs as needed across all three campuses.

In our classrooms across all three campuses,  students use iPads to access an astonishing array and number of Internet-based resources for all their courses. Teachers and students have greater flexibility to accommodate students’ learning styles. In some courses, for example, virtual labs offer high-caliber, creative graphics and details. Teachers can demonstrate geometric shapes, DNA strands, layouts of historical sites, rotating images of the earth, moving illustrations of planetary orbits, and side-by-side texts in two languages. In writing-intensive courses, iPad technology allows students to become creative authors and publishers of their own writing.

iPads are managed using supervisory software that allows an administrator to monitor everything on the iPad, from the apps installed to the location of the device. The iPads are only wi-fi capable, not 4G. This allows the school to filter what content is accessible on the devices. At the end of each school year, students turn in their iPads for maintenance. iPads are re-issued at the beginning of the school year in August.

Technology is another way for students to learn responsible behavior. We are living in a world that is increasingly influenced by technology. As we prepare students for the future, we must teach them to be competent, proficient, and ethical users of technology. Students and parents both sign an Acceptable Use Policy annually at the start of the school year. Violation of the policy results in immediate disciplinary action. Ascension students learn how to appropriately use technology and practice the skills they need for the technologically advanced world in which we live.



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