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Our Mission

Ascension Episcopal School is committed to educational excellence in a Christian environment.


Ascension Episcopal School is dedicated to creating and sustaining an environment in which we help each other identify, grow, and utilize our unique, God-given gifts and talents to build affirming relationships, to serve others, and to glorify God.


At Ascension, we seek to provide a balanced liberal arts education, offering diverse opportunities for the whole child in academics, athletics, arts, and acts of service. As a Christian school where God is celebrated at the center of Life, we welcome all as God’s children who are called to model the life of Jesus, the source of grace and truth.  We want all students to discover their potential, develop their unique, God-given gifts, and be shaped into men and women of character, so that they may know the Truth, love the Good, and serve God and neighbor. 
We believe in Balanced Excellence in all areas of the student experience, offering diverse opportunities for all students to explore a balance of experiences in academics, athletics, arts, and acts of service.

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  • Episcopal Identity

    As embodiments of the Christian faith, Episcopal schools are created to be communities that honor, celebrate, and worship God as the center of life. They are created to be models of God’s love and grace. They are created to serve God in Christ in all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability, or religion. They are created to “strive for justice and peace among all people and [to] respect the dignity of every human being.” These principles are the basis on which identity and vocation are to be defined in Episcopal schools. (National Association of Episcopal Schools)
  • School Prayer

    O Heavenly Father, who has given us Thy Son, Jesus Christ, to be our Redeemer and friend: help us to understand His friendship, and to do such things that will please Him. Bless us in our work and our play. Make us gentle, generous, truthful, kind and brave. Keep us in purity of heart, and let the life of our school go on from strength to strength and have its place and meaning in Thy Kingdom: all of which we ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Ascension's Core Values

Gentle, Generous, Truthful, Kind, and Brave

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When it comes to our children, one of the most important gifts we can provide for them is opportunity. It not only prepares them for their future but also gives them the independence to discover and define who they are: who they want to be. Our faculty and staff focus on developing the whole child, with a curriculum designed to teach lifelong learning skills.