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Special Programs

Lower School Special Programs

In Lower School, our students are introduced to a challenging curriculum with the nurturing and support that comes from our hardworking faculty and staff. Special Programs in the lower school supplement our core curriculum and allow our students to experience the spectrum of enrichment activities offered.

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  • Camps and Classes

    Lower school students can take advantage of after-school classes and camps taught by our very talented faculty members during the school year. Offerings like Jewelry Making, Mystery Science, Flag Football, and Games Galore are just a few of the classes offered in the past. 
  • Daily Chapel

    Chapel and Christian Education classes provide opportunities for our students to deepen their relationship with God.  Students in grades 1-4 attend chapel every morning at 7:40 am and celebrate Holy Eucharist bi-weekly on Thursday mornings at 7:40 am. Regardless of their faith traditions, students are encouraged to participate in prayer and song.  Parents and other family members are welcome to join our students in chapel each day.
  • Daily PE Classes

    Lower school students participate in physical education daily in a non-competitive environment. Games, obstacle courses, and a wide variety of activities are appropriately taught, involving the development of all muscle groups. In addition, teachers use music and fast-paced games to keep students moving throughout the physical education period. Students enjoy physical education outdoors on the green space playground under the massive live oak trees on nice days.
  • Field Trips and Study Tours

    Study tours are a distinctive feature of an Ascension education and another way students actively engage with the curriculum, build community, and develop life skills. This expeditionary education brings classroom learning to life and provides memorable experiences that last a lifetime.  Our youngest students enjoy field trips to museums, musical theatre performances, zoos, and nature stations. Beginning in fourth grade, Ascension students have the opportunity to travel on overnight trips. Parents and teachers work together to determine each student’s readiness for overnight trips.  Trips are optional, and the cost varies based on the destination and length of the trip. These age-appropriate trips provide opportunities for students to practice personal responsibility and good behavior accompanied by their teachers.

    Examples of previous study tours:
    • 3rd grade: Day Trips to Louisiana Historical Sites, Swamp Tour, and Baton Rouge State Capitol 
    • 4th grade: Two-day campout inside Downtown Aquarium Houston, Texas
  • Fine Arts

    In lower school, every child participates in enriching weekly art and music classes designed to give students a taste of the many fine arts offerings at Ascension, allowing them to find a true passion. In art class, our teachers provide instruction in new mediums to encourage experimentation and expression. In addition to creating, students will learn about famous artists and experience art history through a survey of cultures.
  • World Language

    Students engage with the Spanish or French language and culture once per week for one semester each.  In both courses, students devote time to a wide range of activities to accommodate all learning styles. Students delve into the cultural exploration of the capital cities of French and Spanish-speaking countries. At the same time, teachers integrate a wide range of vocabulary while using technology to enrich and enhance language acquisition.
  • Musical and Theatre Productions

    At Ascension, we believe that students develop self-esteem through small and large group performances. Musical activities also promote a sense of well-being and a good work ethic. Therefore, lower school students are given the opportunity to appreciate music for pure enjoyment as well as opportunities for individual and group performances, both vocal and instrumental. In a typical year, Ascension performs the following in lower school:
    • Seasonal Songs (1 - 4th Grade)
    • Noah’s Ark (1st Grade)
    • Mothers Day Performance (2nd Grade)
    • Wax Museum - Living Biography Project (2nd Grade)
    • Grandparents Day (3rd Grade)
    • Louisiana Day (3rd Grade)
    • Christmas Performance (4th Grade)
    • Stations of the Cross (4th Grade)
  • Seesaw Learning Journal

    Parents are offered a sneak peek into our PK through 4th-grade classrooms through the Seesaw App as our teachers share photos, videos, and student work throughout the school year. These online learning journals follow the student throughout their school year.
  • Service Projects

    Service is at the heart of our mission, and we incorporate ways for our students to give back at every level.  Additional service projects and drives are coordinated each year by our Christian education teachers and Student Council leaders, providing opportunities for our students to help others in our community in need.  Lower school students also participate in the Change for Miles program to benefit Miles Perret Cancer Services. Miles holds a special place in the heart of our students, as he was a student at Ascension Episcopal School when he passed away in 1996.  Lower School students also help raise money to support our sister school, Epiphany School in Uganda, donating money for special “dress days' throughout the Lenten season.
  • Social-Emotional Wellness

    Classroom education programs provided by our school counselor on kindness, compassion, empathy, wellness, managing emotions, and numerous other topics help prepare students for the road ahead.
  • Technology

    Lower school students visit the computer lab once a week for lessons with the Technology Integration Team. Lab time is also available for classes as needed for projects. The focus is on learning with technology rather than learning about technology. Skills are integrated into all aspects of the curriculum, not taught in isolation, fully utilizing classroom, school, and community resources. Some technology topics covered are general computer operations, word processing, coding, and multimedia techniques. Grades 1- 3 students have access to individual iPads that remain in the classroom. Beginning in 4th grade, students can use their iPad for school-related activities and projects while at school and at home.

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