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Portrait of a Graduate

The Six “C”s of an Ascension Graduate

The world that awaits an Ascension Episcopal School graduate is both exciting and ever-changing. As an academic institution, we aim to prepare our students to navigate that world and a future that we can only imagine, to hold jobs that do not yet exist, and to face challenges that will not emerge for decades. With an eye to the future, our Portrait of an Ascension Graduate details six fundamental areas of emphasis, what we call The 6 C's. The Portrait of an Ascension Graduate captures the education experienced at Ascension Episcopal School and the skill, knowledge, and mindset that will allow graduates to go into the world with grounding, confidence, and promise. 


Experimentation, Flexibility in Problem Solving, Adaptability and Application of Knowledge, Playfulness Brainstorming, Design, Empathy 
Upon graduation, Ascension students possess the indispensable habits of Creativity. They are versed in experimentation, having learned that with the freedom to fail and take risks comes greater gains in innovation and design. They are flexible problem solvers who brainstorm, theorize, and discover. With a spirit of playfulness and empathy, Ascension graduates are poised to create tomorrow's world. 

Critical Thinking

Flexibility, Analysis, Imagining, Evaluation, Application 
Ascension graduates have spent years honing the habits of Critical Thinking. They practice analytical skills through reading, research, pattern recognition, questioning, comparison, review, and discourse. They also critically think through various methods of evaluation, including the recognition of bias. They listen and discern. They discuss and reflect. They practice self-assessment, metacognition, and mindfulness.

Complex Communication

Listening, Writing, Constructive Criticism, Self-Expression, Empathy
Ascension graduates have mastered Complex Communication. They are astute listeners who know how to internalize and reflect before responding. As accomplished writers, they are versed in a variety of written forms and experienced with a multitude of media. Confident and compassionate, Ascension graduates are able to express themselves clearly and constructively. 


Respect, Problem-Solving, Self-Discipline
Students need more than a high ACT score to guarantee success when working in a group setting. Ascension graduates possess the crucial habits of Collaboration. As experienced members of academic clubs and athletic teams, casts and crews, they approach others with respect and mindfulness. Because they practice self-evaluation and resilience, they are able to adapt to new and evolving expectations for teamwork and leadership. 

Community Commitment

Appreciation of the Arts, Servant Leadership, Good Citizenship, Community/Global Awareness, Empathy
Community Commitment is important to Ascension graduates. They are citizens of their respective schools, communities, and the world at large. They have cultured both community and global awareness and a strong empathy that leads to action. They are servant leaders who are aware of the needs of others and are generous with time, talent, and treasure. As adults, they are informed and involved members of the electorate and patrons of the fine and performing arts. 

Christ-Centered Consciousness

Worship, Theological Study, Truthfulness, Bravery, Compassion, Forgiveness, Service, Commitment to Relationships
A Christ-Centered Consciousness governs the hearts and minds of Ascension graduates. Regardless of their individual faith traditions, they leave Ascension "gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave." Versed in theological study, reflection, and dialogue and well practiced in praise, prayer, and worship, Ascension graduates know Christ as their "redeemer and friend." As adults, they are living members of the Body of Christ. 

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