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Preschool Special Programs

Our preschool program offers programming for our littlest Blue Gators that will help give them the tools they need to experience all that Ascension has to offer. Focusing on our core values - gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave, the preschool campus begins to introduce opportunities for growth and experiences to explore curiosity. 

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  • Christian Education

    Weekly Christian Education instruction for preschool students includes play-based bible lessons.  Bible story activities, art, music, projects, and outreach opportunities are incorporated in the lessons each week. Knowing a loving God is a major concept that is important to help children develop in early childhood and that message is reinforced through our Christian Education programs.
  • Social-Emotional Learning

    At Ascension, our preschool combines Conscious Discipline, a brain-based social-emotional learning curriculum, to build resilience in our students, families, faculty, and school community with Dan St. Romain's "Cultivating Character in Kids" program to facilitate relationship-building between parent/child, teacher/child, and child/child through safety, connection, and problem-solving.

    It empowers adults to move away from traditional discipline, which consists of immediate reaction to being conscious, pausing, and then responding.   Teachers assist students in learning how to handle their emotions which then improves behavior. All preschool teachers and assistants are trained in this method and these concepts are integrated into the regular school day.
  • Innovation Lab

    Innovation Lab is a dedicated learning space for all preschool students to engage, explore, and exercise their creativity. Every week all students visit the lab and participate in various activities and challenges with our Innovation Lab teacher and assistant. Students learn collaboration, complex communication, critical thinking, self-reflection, persistence, problem-solving, and resilience.  The lab supports Ascension’s mission of balanced educational excellence by nurturing the spirit, stimulating the intellect, and encouraging creativity.
  • Library

    The Tricia Naumann Memorial Library at the preschool campus contains a collection of appropriate literature for very young children. The extensive collection, from picture books to early readers, instills a love of reading in our students from a very early age. The preschool librarian instructs students weekly on the use of the library and instills in them a healthy respect for books. Each week during designated library times, children in grades PK4 and Kindergarten are allowed to check out books of their choice. Parents and other special guests are invited to come and read to their child’s class throughout the year.
  • Motor Development

    Preschool children participate in motor development on a daily basis, refining both their fine and gross muscle development. Our outdoor playground is designed with safety in mind and teachers supervise climbing, running, and jumping on outdoor equipment. Activities during Motor Development include physical fitness, rhythmic games, educational movement, and creative exploration. Other activities such as skipping, hopping, and participating in games and obstacle courses involve the development of all muscle groups. The Motor Development Program uses music, seasonal themes, and colorful props to create excitement for the students with each day being a new, fun activity.
  • Music

    The preschool music program provides a unique, comprehensive, and fun musical experience for all students on a daily basis. Music classes include a wide variety of both vocal and physical activities whereby students get the opportunity to sing, play, and dance. Through these activities, students gain a solid understanding of the basic music elements such as melody, beat, and rhythm.. Above all, the goal of our music program is for students to have fun while learning music in a safe, Christian environment.
  • Seesaw Learning Journal

    Through the Seesaw App, parents are offered a sneak peek in our PK-4th grade classrooms with our teachers sharing photos, videos, and student work throughout the school year. These online learning journals follow the student throughout their school year.
  • Sign Language

    All preschool students participate in “sign language day” once a week. This course is taught by a certified American Sign Language teacher and provides a fun and engaging way for our students to both play and learn. Students gain the ability to learn basic signs which they often demonstrate through weekly chapel songs.
  • Weekly Chapel

    Weekly chapel is a community time to gather and praise God and worship with our youngest Blue Gators and their families. Preschool students attend informal chapel services once a week on Wednesdays at 8:45 am in the Ark. Regardless of their faith traditions, students are encouraged to participate in prayer and song.  Parents are invited to attend chapel services each week.

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