Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Utilizing a variety of mediums, students explore various visual art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, filmmaking, design, crafts, and architecture.

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  • Preschool

    In preschool, students create paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collages. They participate in individual and group art activities. Sometimes students have free creative expression, and sometimes the project is teacher-directed. 
  • Lower & Middle School

    The Downtown Campus  Art program is a place where everyone's efforts are celebrated. It is a place of thinking, planning, inventing, doing, and enjoyment. As a result, the students will come away with a mixture of artistic formulas and a fearless creative approach to making art.

    Lower school art introduces many mediums, ideas, materials, and skills. Students are encouraged to be creative as they gain confidence with materials and processes. Underlying the classroom lessons and presentations are the foundational principles and elements of design. 

    As the students progress from grade one to grade four, they will gain many skills and insights--weaving, gluing, cutting, constructing, designing, sketching, painting techniques, drawing, utilizing a full vocabulary of art, and intelligently discussing their work and that of their classmates.

    In middle school Art, 5-7th grade students will explore different media such as charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and clay. This course will introduce the elements and principles of design and color theory to create concepts for drawings, paintings, mixed media, and sculptures.
  • Upper School

    Our Upper School art program offers an array of visual arts courses that are cohesive yet diverse from beginner to advanced levels. Students have the opportunity to express themselves artistically through photography, media literacy, and digital design classes. In addition, our upper-level arts explore alternative mediums and techniques such as batik, encaustics, and metals.

Visual Arts Team Members

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  • Photo of Joshua McClymont

    Mr. Joshua McClymont 

    Director of Fine Arts, Upper School Theatre, Fine Arts Department Chair
  • Photo of Jeni Guidry

    Mrs. Jeni Guidry 

    Upper School Visual Arts
  • Photo of Justyna Frederick

    Mrs. Justyna Frederick 

    Lower School Visual Arts
  • Photo of Danielle Bacqué

    Ms. Danielle Bacqué 

    Middle School Visual Arts
  • Photo of Jenifer Palmer

    Ms. Jenifer Palmer 

    Upper School Visual Arts

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