As our students become media consumers at such a young age, media literacy and media skills have become crucial. With hands-on exploration and creation of different media, students gain an understanding needed to actively dissect media content in order to critically analyze messages and content.

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  • Preschool

    Our preschool students have fundamental exposure to media literacy while rotating through the Innovation lab each week. Green screen technology is used in the lab to transport our youngest Blue Gators into movie magic and is shared with our parents using Seesaw technology. It is a perfect and age-appropriate introduction to what is to come in Lower School.
  • Lower School

    Lower school students begin to explore media literacy, digital citizenship, & basic photography and video production using the camera app, Seesaw, Flipgrid, and Clips on iPads. They practice using green-screen technology in Reader’s Theatre and learn to communicate digitally using Google Apps for Education and more. 
  • Middle School

    Media in middle school involves accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating all forms of media. Media Literacy students begin the year by learning the phases of film production, the art of storyboarding, and the techniques used by experienced videographers to produce quality films. A variety of skills incorporated into the curriculum include public speaking, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving. 

    Media students learn both the technical and creative sides of filmmaking to produce, direct, edit, and evaluate films. The students explore multiple cinematographic techniques such as stop motion, journalism broadcasting, point-of-view shots, and much more. These techniques help to create meaning, evoke emotion, and tell a story in different ways. Additionally, students experience the ins and outs of lighting, sound, perspective, and camera angles in producing their own films. They also explore multiple film genres to create documentaries, advertisements, newscasts, short films using Final Cut Pro X. 

    Middle school students produce and film a weekly announcement news show called Blue Gator Buzz.

    Cameras, microphones, and video switchers were all operated by students, who also assumed the responsibilities of producer & director. They set up the equipment, coordinated the rehearsals with the anchors, and managed the on-air live stream.  The production crew also assisted with the live stream at several larger events, including Stations of the Cross, Pep Rallies, and Ascension’s Got Talent.

    Check out our videos to see a glimpse of what our middle school students accomplished in the 2020-2021 school year.

Media Team Members

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  • Photo of Joshua McClymont

    Mr. Joshua McClymont 

    Director of Fine Arts, Upper School Theatre, Fine Arts Department Chair
  • Photo of Heather Gros

    Mrs. Heather Gros 

    Middle School Media Literacy, Lower School Innovation & Technology


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