Student Leadership

Downtown Campus

Student Council

Student Council is a leadership organization in which students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills while improving school life. Interested candidates may want to talk with current Student Council members. Volunteering for representative should be discussed at home so that all candidates realize the commitment and responsibility involved.

The executive offices held their elections in the spring. Students in Middle School on the Downtown Campus have the opportunity to run for elected Student Council positions at the beginning of every school year. Once elected, the student leaders have a handful of projects that they work on throughout the year. Some of these include:

  • Organizing and helping teachers at 7th Grade Work Day before school starts
  • Listening to and addressing concerns and ideas from their classmates
  • Assisting Administration with school-wide initiatives
  • Assisting parents on orientation night
  • Organizing a successful fall and spring dance
  • Organizing an awesome 5th grade dance party
  • Overseeing the schedule for Snack Shack and morning announcements
  • Organizing and distribute birthday passes to students in Middle School
  • Planning and executing pep rallies, Homecoming Week activities, and other school events
  • Attending LASC (Louisiana Association of Student Councils) Summer Workshop, District Mixers/Meetings, & Convention

Sugar Mill Pond Campus

The purpose of Ascension Student Leadership is to develop servant leaders who exemplify the qualities of gentle, generous, truthful, kind and brave through a Christ centered leadership program.  

Student Leaders will:

  • Serve the school by collaborating, planning and implementing various student activities 
  • Be placed on a committee with others focusing on improving one specific aspect of the school
  • Model good citizenship and stewardship for the rest of the student body
  • Learn effective leadership skills necessary to be positive change agents within the Ascension community and as they enter the world and workforce.                   


Prefects are junior and senior leaders who possess a high degree of commitment to the school's values and ideals.  They are capable of overseeing the work in their particular area and managing the underclassmen involved therein.  The emphasis of their job is servant leadership and the overall enhancement of Ascension's mission statement.  The Prefect Positions are:

Lead Prefect

The Lead Prefect is responsible for the overall management of the entire system.  He/She must be willing and able to perform the duties and responsibilities of all those who report to him/her, as well as various duties and responsibilities unique to this position.  This is a position that requires a great amount of servant leadership.  The Lead Prefect must also schedule, plan and facilitate Prefect meetings, and will be responsible for ensuring that all other Prefect duties are being met.  The other prefects will report information to the Lead Prefect who reports directly to the Dean of Students.  

Spiritual Life Prefect

The Spiritual Life Prefect works to embrace God, who is love, and to model Jesus's example of service leadership to the student body.  This Prefect is responsible for organizing the annual See You at the Pole event as well as Episcopal School Sunday and the Lenten fundraising endeavor.  He/She is also responsible for organizing music and liturgy volunteers at SMP Eucharist and assisting in organizing special chapel services during Holy Week.  The Spiritual Life Prefect will serve leaders of other spiritual organizations such as Young Life and FCA.  

Publicity Prefect

The Publicity Prefect is responsible for assisting the Director of Admissions in guiding prospective students and families around the school and offering a student presence and perspective at open house events.  In addition, the Publicity Prefect is also responsible for welcoming our new students and helping them to settle into school life, beginning with orientation.  Working with the Advancement Office, The Authored Ascension, and Yearbook class, the Publicity Prefect will document and publicize activities and achievements in the area of academics, athletics and the arts while students are at work and play.  

Academic Prefect

The Academic Prefect is responsible for establishing and maintaining a sense of the value of academics within our school community.  The academic prefect will assist the Academic Dean in coordinating recognition ceremonies honoring the academic achievements of students, a student tutoring service, college representative visits and academic field trips.  In addition, the academic prefect will assist the SMP rally coordinator to promote literary, art, speech, and drama rallies.  

Community Service Prefect

The Community Service Prefect is responsible for developing and maintaining a willingness to serve and cultivating a servant's heart in faculty and students.  The Community Service Prefect will organize volunteers for Games of Acadiana and will plan and organize SMP's biannual blood drive, and continue to develop and head up SMP's Change for Miles fundraiser.  The Community Service Prefect will assist in collecting and recording service logs from students and assist students in finding appropriate and long-term service opportunities.  In addition, the Service Prefect is responsible for planning a "Service day" for the SMP Campus.  

Student Life Prefect

The Student Life Prefect is responsible for morale, school spirit, enthusiasm and shaping student perception about what it means to be a student at Ascension.  The Student Life Prefect will assist in scheduling and coordinating campus events such as pep rallies, spirit dress days, school dances, and additional activities/events that may arise during the school year to promote morale and school spirit.  

Arts Appreciation Prefect

The Arts Appreciation Prefect is responsible for promoting performing and visual arts and supporting the Director of Fine Arts, Fine Arts Alliance, and teachers in fostering creative expression among the students. The Arts Appreciation prefect will help organize and coordinate events like concerts, theatrical productions, guest performances, art displays and exhibits, entries for the annual auction and district literary rally, etc.  

Athletic Support Prefect

The Athletic Support Prefect is responsible for promoting positive fanmanship of all Ascension sports and supporting the Athletic Director, the coaches, and players of all sports teams.  He/She will organize and coordinate events like the National Letter of Intent Signing Day, pack the stands events, fan buses, and will work with the Athletic Director in planning the athletic banquet.  This person will also work closely with teams captains and coaches to help communicate sporting events and activities to student body.  

Class Leaders

There are eight Class Leaders per grade level at the Sugar Mill Pond Campus; they collaborate on assigned student activities and serve on committee with corresponding Prefect.  



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