Media Literacy 

Media Literacy involves accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating all forms of media. Media Literacy students begin the year by learning the phases of film production, art of storyboarding, and the techniques used by experienced videographers to produce quality films. A variety of skills incorporated into the curriculum include public speaking, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving. Media Literacy students learn both the technical and creative sides of filmmaking as they produce, direct, edit, and evaluate their own films. The students will explore multiple cinematographic techniques such as stop motion, journalism broadcasting, point-of-view shots, and much more. These techniques help to create meaning, evoke emotion, and tell a story in different ways. Students experience the ins and outs of lighting, sound, perspective, and camera angles in the production of their own films. They will also explore multiple genres of film as they create documentaries, advertisements, newscasts, short films, and more. Students are challenged to learn the basics of iMovie and an advanced video editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Students are required to participate in the Heart for the Arts celebration as they create videos showcasing their artistic choices and highlighting the different areas of our Fine Arts Alliance.

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Media Technology

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