Ascension’s Head of School teaches AP Statistics

Ascension Episcopal School
On the first day of school this year, AP Statistics students were greeted by none other than the Head of School, Jeff Plunk.  Mr. Plunk’s reputation preceded him as senior Lee Palmer expressed, “I had heard from the seniors last year that he was a good teacher, so I was pretty excited to have him as my teacher.” 
Classrooms are not where administrators are typically found, but Mr. Plunk explains why he became part of the teaching staff, "First and foremost, I am an educator.  I still love to be in the classroom and around the students.  Teaching and interacting with the students provides a great reminder of why I do the administrative part of my job. I also find it is often the best hour of my day, and I find being with the students to be a great stress reliever.” 

Though Mr. Plunk is currently the only administrator in a classroom, he would like to see more administrators return. “At some of my former schools, it was the norm for administrators to teach - I would like to see us move in that direction.”  “I think that an administrator teaching is a good way for them to meet their students and learn more about us. We also get to learn more about him,” says student Lee Palmer when asked his thoughts on administrators as teachers. 

Administrators who move beyond their offices and into classrooms can build stronger relationships with students, relate to teachers more deeply, and be involved in advancing the school's mission on multiple levels. 

Despite Mr. Plunk's passion for teaching and students' appreciation of his "fun, engaging" style, his priority remains overseeing educational excellence across three campuses. Ultimately, being in the classroom offers a unique perspective that far outweighs the time and challenges it demands.

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