Family Vacation Leads to Design Challenge

Ascension Episcopal School
Inspired by a family trip adventuring on zip lines, mountain coasters, sky lifts, incline railways, and white water rafting, Innovation & Technology teacher Heather Gros tasked 3rd and 4th grade students with a scaled-down design challenge of her own. After being inspired by hit show, Lego Masters, Mrs. Gros challeded her students to design something from her family trip. Students could choose to create a water raft that floats, a working sky lift or zip line, or an incline railway.

Working with a partner or designing solo, students designed, built, and tested their creations. Hands-on learning allows for lessons in making mistakes, perseverance, adaptation, collaboration, and creativity. One student went beyond designing a ‘water raft that floats’ and attached a motor to her raft!

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