Ascension Church and School Supports Uganda School

Ascension Episcopal School
Every Lent, Ascension church and school dedicate their support for the Epiphany School in Uganda which educates over 200 children, grades 1-7, many of whom are Batwa.  In cooperation with Reaching the Pygmies Ministry, founded by The Rev’d Charles Busingye, Ascension has supported the development of the school and settlement for the Batwa who were displaced from their ancestral land in the mountain rainforest 30 years ago.

This year, Ascension’s Lenten campaign raised $21,000 to support a significant portion of the Epiphany School’s annual budget.  These funds provide for teacher salaries, food and supplies for the students, and basic expenses for the operation of the school.  Additionally, 30 iPads were donated by Ascension Episcopal School and delivered by Dr. Charlie Pinches and students from the University of Scranton, PA.  Each iPad is loaded with educational software for teachers and students who have become the first in their province to benefit from such technology.

Fr. Busingye shared his gratitude: “Once again, allow me to say that I am so grateful for all you have done to uplift the standard of this school and its continuity.”

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When it comes to our children, one of the most important gifts we can provide for them is opportunity. It not only prepares them for their future but also gives them the independence to discover and define who they are: who they want to be. Our faculty and staff focus on developing the whole child, with a curriculum designed to teach lifelong learning skills.