Episcopal School Sunday Honors Church and School Relationship

Ascension Episcopal School
Episcopal School Sunday service is an annual tradition honoring the relationship between the Episcopal Church of the Ascension and Ascension Episcopal School. Occurring the first Sunday in October, Ascension students and faculty gather alongside parishioners in church, participating as choir singers, altar bearers, and readers. 

Our school is rooted in the church with a mission of educational excellence in a Christian environment. Father Hylden elaborated on this important relationship with our school, saying,

 “The church shows us what our pursuit of excellence is for, and how it all holds together. We’re pursuing excellence not just to get ahead, but to develop our God-given gifts to the fullest potential and put them to use to love and serve God and our neighbors, following Jesus on the way that leads to true and eternal life.  We’re developing not just our heads, important as that is, but also our hearts and our hands, learning to love what’s true and good and beautiful, to want to use our gifts to bring glory to God and to bless our communities, to be passionate about doing justice and loving mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.”

Conversely, Father Hylden’s sermon also addressed why the church invests in the school with this message, 

“When the church has a school, we’re reminded that the glory of God is man fully alive, using our God-given gifts to their fullest, at work, at play, at rest, glorifying God in all that we do, loving God with all our hearts and loving our neighbors as ourselves. In a way, the church itself is a kind of school.  It’s a school where Christ himself is our teacher, where we’re being transformed by the renewing of our minds, where our aim is so high—to be so excellent in love and virtue as to become like Christ himself—that we need God’s amazing grace if we’re ever possibly to achieve it.”

The founder of our school, Dr. Jeanette Parker, sat in the pew next to church members, parents, and students, exemplifying the importance of church and school. Ascension Episcopal School was founded in 1959 because of the Episcopal Church of Ascension, and the church continues over 60 years later, serving as a beacon that guides our school. 

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