Students Score Big, Land New Basketball Goals

Ascension Episcopal School
Middle School Student Council members at Ascension Episcopal School celebrate a slam dunk victory after exceeding their fundraising goal to purchase new basketball goals for their school’s playground. The ambitious young entrepreneurs solicited donations from school families and sold bottled water and Prime, a popular hydration drink, during lunch to raise the necessary funds.

"It was fun to see everyone come together and support our goal," said the 5th grader and key fundraiser organizer Grover Morrow. "Selling Prime at lunch and break was a lot of work, but the reward is worth it."
Student Council member Grover Morrow designed and pitched a business proposal to our school’s Advancement team for approval. After receiving the green light, students created commercials in media class and posted flyers around school to create a buzz. With the help of his friends, they iced down drinks each day and manned the coolers during the sale, often sacrificing recess time. Purchasing drinks at cost, thanks to Schilling Distributing (Blue Gator Family Owned), allowed our students to profit while learning the value lessons of supply and demand, expenses, and net profit. 

Thanks to the Prime sales and a few generous parents, not only did the students secure funds for six new high-quality basketball goals on the Downtown Campus, but they also went above and beyond purchasing six smaller basketball goals for our River Ranch Campus preschoolers, ensuring that our youngest Blue Gators can also enjoy the thrill of the sport. The school's administration has praised the students for their dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

“Their success truly was a team effort. This would not have been possible without the support of Grover’s family and our administration, coaches, and teachers,” said Liz Tremblay, Head of Lower and Middle School. “We are so fortunate to have such an exceptional team and partnership with our parents. Together, our goal is to teach our students valuable life lessons that go beyond the four walls of our school.”
Now that the hard work is complete, students eagerly anticipate installing the six new goals so they can test their skills on the court. 

"We are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work and initiative," said Heather Gros, Student Council Sponsor. "Their fundraising efforts have not only provided our school with valuable resources, but they have also demonstrated the power of teamwork and community spirit."

The students' successful fundraising campaign serves as an inspiring example of what young people can achieve when they set their minds to something. Their dedication and creativity have left a lasting impact on our school, ensuring that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and teamwork. In the words of Mr. Phil, LASC Executive Director, "What the world needs most is dreamers who do." 

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