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Ascension Episcopal School, a five-time recipient of the prestigious Apple Distinguished School Award, hosted an Innovation Showcase to demonstrate its unique approach to integrating technology in the classroom. The event, held on March 7, welcomed educators and leaders from schools across Louisiana to witness firsthand how technology seamlessly enhances learning experiences.
“It was incredible to welcome educators and leaders from our surrounding communities,” says Director of Innovation and Technology Morgan Vondenstein. “We found so much joy in exchanging ideas, celebrating our teachers' achievements in tech integration, and making connections. In these moments of sharing successes, empathizing with challenges, and offering support, we truly thrive as a community of educators.”
Ascension Episcopal School's technology integration revolves around carefully balancing its use to ensure it serves as a complementary tool, adding value to innovative teaching methods rather than overshadowing them.
“We want our students to use technology appropriately and to their advantage.  We are not only preparing kids for jobs that do not exist, we are empowering them to shape it,” Morgan Vondenstein adds.
During the showcase, participants witnessed 6th graders bring Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to life by stepping behind the camera to film, edit, and produce their own modern interpretation of scenes. Guests experienced technology as pivotal to creating engaging and interactive learning experiences. From artificial intelligence, green screens, and educational apps, teachers seamlessly integrated tools into lessons, promoting creativity, critical thinking, and student collaboration. Moreover, visitors shared their experiences and exchanged ideas through roundtable discussions.
Kristen Angelle, Educational Technology Specialist, said, “Being an Apple Distinguished School shows our community’s dedication to leveraging technology to empower students to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Our Innovation Showcase is a way to inspire teachers and leaders, ignite creativity, and foster a community of connected learners.”
Ascension Episcopal School continues to lead the way in educational innovation, setting a benchmark for excellence in technology integration that benefits students, educators, and the broader community.
    • Students record an original math song they created.

    • Students collaborate to complete a digital escape room in math class.

    • Guests watch an episode of Blue Gator Buzz, Ascension's middle school student-led school newscast.

    • Students work on creating their own bike for the Tour de France in French class using descriptive French words and lots of creativity.

    • Student explains to Innovation Showcase guest how the digital break out room works.

    • Students enjoy giving feedback on each other's art through devices.

    • Students perform, video, and edit scenes from a Shakespeare story.

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