Heart for the Arts Was a Night to Remember

Martha Odom '26 (Ascension Student)
This May, Ascension’s Fine Arts Alliance hosted the first Heart for the Arts since 2020, when it was canceled due to Covid. Seniors who participated in music, theater, studio art, photography, or an art-centered independent study received recognition for their contribution to the school. Additionally, art made by Ascension students of all ages was displayed around the upstairs of the ACA. This event was full of music, food, and fun enjoyed by the Ascension family. 
A group of middle school students brought famous portraits to life by posing in painted boxes to mimic the people in the paintings. Some of them even painted their faces to mimic paintings like The Scream and a portrait by Picasso! 

There were also many musical performances put on by senior music and theater students. Aidan Stewart and Christian Broussard both played guitar while parents and peers looked at the art. Three talented senior girls, Ellie Hulin, Winnie McClymont, and Addie Prochaska, sang from Mamma MiaWaitress, and Putnam Spelling Bee. Chloe Ste. Marie sang “Blackbird” by the Beatles, accompanied by Christian Broussard on the guitar. The Kindergarten also sang 4 songs, some of which were from their show Wing It! 

There were also two encore performances of Ascension’s annual musicals, one by the middle schoolers who sang two songs from their recently closed show of The Wizard of Oz. The other was performed by the cast of Bye Bye Birdie, who sang their favorite musical number, “Telephone Hour.” 

Heart for the Arts commemorated the many forms of art taught and expressed through Ascension programs. The many performances showcased the extensive talents of students and faculty, proving that the arts are an essential part of Ascension’s mission for balanced excellence.  

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