Center for Learning Success

Center for Learning Success

Ascension Episcopal School’s Center for Learning Success (CLS), formerly known as the Academic Support Center, partners with families to ensure all students in need of additional academic support have an individualized growth plan to achieve success in the rigors of Ascension’s academic programming. 

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  • Testing Accommodations

    The following testing accommodations may be offered to a student, based on diagnosis and recommendations:
    • Extended time
    • Oral testing
    • Assistive literacy technology (speech-to-text, text-to-speech, etc.)
    • Reformatted tests when appropriate for needed white space and visual clarity
    • Distraction reduced environment for testing
    • Special accommodations made for dyslexic students in spelling
    • Tests given in chunks or parts (one page at a time)
  • Classroom Learning Accommodations

    The following are examples of classroom learning accommodations that may be offered, based on diagnosis and recommendations:
    • Assistive literacy technology (speech-to-text, text-to-speech, etc.)
    • Reformatted assessments when appropriate for needed white space and visual clarity
    • Special accommodations made for dyslexic students in spelling
    • Preferential seating
    • Provision of class notes or partnering with a peer for note-sharing
    • Provision of written instructions
    • Permission to audio record class lessons at Sugar Mill Pond campus
  • Private Tutors

    In-house private tutors provide additional help with academic or organizational skills. A contract is developed between a parent and the tutor based on the specific needs of each child. Tutors provide one-to-one instruction as well as homework relief for parents. They have the ability to communicate with teachers regarding each student’s needs on a daily basis.

    Tutoring sessions must take place outside of the school day on the Downtown Campus and either during AAA or outside of the school day on the Sugar Mill Pond Campus. There is an additional cost for private tutors.
  • Accommodations Not Received

    Accommodations that students will not receive either in the classroom or via support services:
    • Opportunity to retake a test with test grades averaged together for one grade
    • Opportunity to rework problems that have already been identified as incorrect
    • Modifications to curriculum, with the exception of foreign language in the middle school and the third year foreign language requirement at the upper school for students with a reading disorder diagnosis.

Approved Accommodations

Approved accommodations specific to each student are notated in individual learning plans that are provided to classroom teachers, division heads, and parents. Learning plans are updated yearly and shared with all parties in a timely manner at the beginning of the year or when a student begins in the Center for Learning Support program. Tiers of our Center for Learning Support program are provided for a fee.

Upper School Specifics

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  • Photo of April Doga

    Mrs. April Doga 

    CLS Lower & Middle School Director
  • Photo of Trisha West

    Mrs. Trisha West 

    Preschool CLS Director & Lower School Reading Development Facilitator
  • Photo of Hannah Robideaux

    Hannah Robideaux 

    Upper School CLS Learning Facilitator
  • Photo of Jenna Crochet

    Jenna Crochet 

    CLS Learning Facilitator
  • Photo of Virginia Brown

    Mrs. Virginia Brown 

    CLS Lower & Middle School Literacy Intervention & Learning Facilitator
  • Photo of Abigail Dees

    Abigail Dees 

    CLS Testing Facilitator
  • Photo of Sarah Becnel

    Mrs. Sarah Becnel 

    Upper School CLS Learning Coordinator
  • Photo of Madison Hall

    Ms. Madison Hall 

    Upper School Mathematics, CLS Instructor


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  • Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy

    The Episcopal Church of the Ascension School (Ascension Episcopal School) admits qualified students without regard to race, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin. We are a welcoming community.