Our goal is to inspire students, amidst this unprecedented world of image-capturing devices, to appreciate and strive to create strong and evocative images that still must embrace the fundamental elements of art, reveal an understanding of aesthetic quality, and contain layers of meaning. 
Ascension offers four ascending levels of photography that work to activate, develop, and maximize a student’s ability to recognize, capture, edit, share, critique, and reflect upon the world around us. 

Beyond developing students’ desires to capture and better understand our world through photography, Ascension successfully advocates the organizational, interpretive/critical skills, written and orally, through this unquestionably inspiring and influential art form. 

Photography Team Members

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Joshua McClymont

    Mr. Joshua McClymont 

    Director of Fine Arts, Upper School Theatre, Fine Arts Department Chair
  • Photo of Gerald Sierveld

    Mr. Gerald Sierveld 

    Upper School Photography, History of Cinema

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